Dr. Damien Rogers

RogersDr. Damien Rogers graduated from Life University in 1998, and now practices in our Tampa chiropractic clinic.

Originally, Dr. Rogers had enrolled in college with the intent to become a physical therapist. Shortly afterwards, when he was injured as a professional wrestler, a combination of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy helped him recover and this led him to the decision to change his planned career and become a chiropractor.

Dr. Rogers is trained in Manipulation under Anesthesia. This technique is used by highly trained Chiropractors to break up scar tissue and increase range of motion in otherwise immovable joints. This is especially effective in patients who have sustained injuries in various types of accidents.

Outside of his practice, Dr. Rogers also serves as the official team chiropractor for the Tampa Bay Breeze.

• Life University
• Florida Chiropractic Society
• Florida Chiropractic Association