Bettering Our Community

Conforti Chiropractic doesn’t just limit itself to working within the four walls of an office. Conforti Chiropractic places a high value on giving back to the Tampa Bay community in a number of ways.

For example, the doctors want to educate people about topics that matter. So, they’ve held a “Cancer Killers” seminar which attendees described as “amazing and informative.” Meanwhile, the doctors take a proactive approach to helping people by organizing healthy dinner nights, times to share recipes, and even healthy food shopping excursions. It’s one thing to tell people what to do; it’s another to actually go out into the community with people and lead them along a smart path. For those who want to lose weight, the doctors presented a “Total Food Makeover” session, teaching people tips to lose 20 pounds in 30 days. Bet you wish you had gone to that, right?

The chiropractors at Conforti Chiropractic have big hearts. Partnering with Panache Vue Magazine, they raised money and awareness for a little girl named Olivia Scheinman who was born with Ohtahara Syndrome. She experienced more than 100 seizures a day! As you could imagine, her family endured countless hospital stays, surgeries and more– and the bills added up. Olivia, or Livy as she’s better known, has a twin sister named Hailey. The “Lemonade for Livy” lemonade stand was set up by Hailey to raise funds for her sister’s physical therapy bills. Conforti Chiropractic loved being a champion of this cause. Similarly, we stepped up the to the plate to help raise over $10K for a little girl named Kyanna, a student at Lowry Elementary, who needed cancer treatment.

Conforti Chiropractic does not exist in a bubble. Rather, our business takes great pride in helping the greater Tampa Bay community through sponsoring youth team sports, donating to area charities, and supporting the local Boys & Girls Club. Whether it’s helping collect clothing for needy kids, or taking the health and wellness message to local schools to help raise up a healthier generation of young people, Conforti Chiropractic cares about making Tampa Bay a better place. When you come alongside Conforti Chiropractic, know that your time, energy and money go toward good things happening in our region!

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