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Dr. Carl Conforti is on a mission. He, along with his fellow area chiropractors, want to improve the overall health of people in the Tampa Bay area. Through things like regular chiropractic care, spinal decompression and massage therapy, Dr. Conforti believes “whole health” spinal corrective care gets to the cause of pain to correct it rather than just masking a person’s pain. His goal is to help you ultimately lead a better, happier life, free from pain.

About our offices

As a licensed chiropractor since 1999, Dr. Conforti has worked hard to create an environment where patients feel welcomed at their appointments.

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His Pinellas Chiropractic Clinic, where he practices with Dr. Michael Turner, has built a solid reputation as a friendly place worth visiting. Indeed, many patients have remarked the office “feels like family,” and it’s the kind of place where people enjoy getting to know one another. Most rewarding, perhaps, is when Dr. Conforti sees a patient’s overall life change for the better. His focus is to guide them toward optimal health. Together with his staff, he’ll tell you, “As a group, we’re all part of the healing process for the patient. Helping people and changing lives is what we do.”


Injured in an auto accident? Motorcycle crash? Sports or work injury? No matter the cause, one thing’s for sure. You’re hurting and you want relief.

Dr. Conforti and staff specialize in helping patients with injuries to their necks and lower backs. Additionally, hip pain and leg pain can be dealt with. The doctor has years of experience treating accident-related/disc-related injuries, and can also provide welcome relief to pregnant women who are experiencing lower back pain and discomfort.